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Art Product & Design Studio


I'm deeply passionate about art—whether I'm creating, reimagining, or immersing myself in the flow of beauty and emotion. Beyond materials, art is a manifestation of love and raw emotions, a timeless gift to humanity.

Throughout my travels and experiences, I've encountered extraordinary heritage handicrafts fading with time. In founding AMH, I established a platform to weave traditional craftsmanship into modern design. My mission is to revive decades-old techniques, infuse life into forgotten stories, and craft statement pieces for every home.

Your space, your story, your masterpiece—this is not just my motto but the guiding principle behind every creation. Join me in bringing art to life on this canvas of creativity.

ArtMeetsHart (AMH)
ArtMeetsHart (AMH) is a Singapore-based Art, Design, and Product company that artfully fuses creativity and design to craft unique concept spaces. Specializing in personalized aesthetics, AMH seamlessly merges art, lighting, furniture, sculptures, and soft furnishings to encapsulate each client's distinct essence. Enlisting a diverse roster of craftsmen, artists, and designers, AMH offers an expansive array of one-of-a-kind creations. 

By uniting age-old craftsmanship with contemporary flair, AMH creates a captivating blend of history and modern innovation. AMH's tailored space styling experience includes feature walls, art frames, furniture, and soft furnishings, all thoughtfully curated and composed.

BluAart, an extension of my artistic journey, stands as a commitment to authentic art and design. This innovative platform utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring a secure and transparent space for artists to exhibit their work. Each listed piece comes with a verified record of ownership and authenticity, bridging the gap between creativity and technology.

As an artist intimately familiar with the challenges of authentication and visibility, I founded BluAart to provide a solution to these concerns. By envisioning a space where artists can showcase their creations with confidence, BluAart redefines the art landscape. It's not just a marketplace; BluAart is a collaborative journey, prioritizing the artist's experience at every step, and together, we reshape the narrative of art—one authenticated piece at a time.

BluAart is not just a marketplace; it's a collaborative journey where the artist's experience is at the forefront. Join me on this innovative venture, where we redefine the landscape of art, one authenticated piece at a time.

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