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Art Product & Design Studio

AMH X Mr. P.Gnana

P. Gnana, a leading Singaporean artist, is  renowned for his unique aesthetic. Influenced by his persistent fascination with the cow as a symbol, has earned him international recognition, while his works grace collections such as the President of the Republic of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum. A recipient of the LASALLE Scholarship, Gnana has undertaken significant projects, including a commissioned series of abstract expressionist paintings for the International Tech Park in Chennai in 2005. His inventive use of recycled materials in a larger-than-life sculpture caught the attention of the National Parks Board of Singapore in 2013. 


This collaboration with AMH showcases a fusion of artistic styles, resulting in a collection that seamlessly integrates Gnana's visionary artwork into distinctive AMH products.

Mr. P. Gnana

Pallavi Goenka


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